A positive psychological approach to enhancing resilience and utilising strengths in European unemployed youth. 


Final project meeting in Bilbao, Spain, May 2016. The partnership finalized the products and discussed about the final event in every partner country.


Be Positive was described as a good example of collaboration between researchers and practitioners,
in Perth, Australia

Be Positive Newsletter No 3

A meeting with stakeholders forming a Bulgarian National Strategic Advisory Group has been conducted in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Presentation of Be Positives Modules for Teachers/Coaches in Kristianstad, Sweden


Pilot session of the Be Positive training program in Greece


Presentation and validation of the Be Positive course. In Spain, Bilbao

Be Positive meeting in Vienna, Austria 26 January 2016

All partners presented the results from the pilot phase.


Be Positive Newsletter No 2

Small samples of the interesting content in Be Positive course modules


Be Positive meeting in Piraeus, Athens 6-7 October 2015

The partnership reviewed the Be Positive Training Course:

Module 1: Getting the happiness habit  Module 2: The Attitude of Gratitude

Module 3: Use Your Strength Module 4: Live life with meaning & purpose

Module 5: Nurture your relationships Module 6: Learning Optimism

Module 7: Building Resilience Module 8: Set Positive Goals



First Meetingof the National Strategic Advisory Group (NSAG)

Bilbao-May 2015


  1. Sartu Taldea (presente en los tres territorios históricos de la CAV)
  2. Urolako Kostako Udal Elkartea (Zarautz - Gipuzkoa)
  3. Inguralde (Bizkaia)
  4. Enplegu Gunea / Centro de Empleo UPV-EHU (Campus de Bizkaia)
  5. IEFPS Mendizabala (Gasteiz - Araba)


To collaborate, advice and give support during the implementation of the project as expert organisations which work in labour counselling, entrepreneurship, training for unemployed young people and/or NEETs

Working methodology:

Four working collaborative meetings where to share knowledge, test and evaluate the different phases of the project and its outputs.



A great and productive BePositive meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria - 21 May 2015



“Business Foundation for Education, the Bulgarian Be positive partner as part of the project activities has conducted seven interviews with guidance practioners, career counselors and human resources professionals working with young unemployed people.

Bulgaria_1       Bulgaria_2

The first stage in the project – Interviews with youngsters in Greece by the partner IED -Institute of Entrepreneurship Development.


Be Positive:  A positive psychological approach to enhancing resilience and utilising strengths in European unemployed youth. 1st project meeting – Bristol, United Kingdom, with partners from UK, Sweden, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain.